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The iPhone 4S And The New Panasonic Eluga - A Look At Display Technology And Processing Power

Panasonic is an organization you would typically connect with delivering TVs and computerized cameras however they are turning their considerations towards the cell phone advertise with the arrival of their first cell phone. The Panasonic Eluga is an appealing handset that offers some incredible highlights. We figured we would perceive how this energizing new model contrasts and the well known iPhone 4S for screen innovation and handling power.

The new Panasonic Eluga is the principal cell phone to include an OLED screen which is an innovation that Panasonic are quick to fuse in future home TVs. This showcase produces incredible picture quality and we were dazzled by the striking hues that the screen figured out how to show. As far as goals the Eluga offers 540 x 960 pixels which is a level that is higher than numerous different cell phones however marginally lower than what some progressively premium models, for example, the iPhone 4S can offer. The screen estimates 4.3 inches which brings about a pixel thickness of 256PPI. The Eluga may not show the most excellent that is accessible however it is absolutely one of the more alluring screens. The telephone really offers the most noteworthy screen proportion available with 66% of the telephones body overwhelmed by this amazing showcase. Numerous telephones have attempted to equal the amazing iPhone 4S Retina show and to date not one has figured out how to coordinate the fantastic quality that this model ideas around there. The showcase is one of the littler cell phone screens accessible at 3.5 inches yet this positively affects the pixel thickness. An extraordinary goals of 640 x 960 pixels can be shown which compares to a gigantic 326PPI. The screen innovation on the Eluga may well rule later on however as of now in time the Panasonic model can't eclipse the Apple gadget in the screen office.

The iPhone 4S may not consolidate the most dominant processor accessible yet because of the effectiveness of the iOS working framework the telephone is one of the quickest for working velocities. The models runs on the Apple A5 chipset that was propelled simultaneously as this handset. This set up incorporates a double center 1Ghz Cortex A9 processor together with a PowerVR SGX543 illustrations handling unit. These two chips consolidate flawlessly with each other and convey extraordinary performing multiple tasks speeds and fantastic execution when messing around titles. The Panasonic Eluga likewise utilizes a double center 1Ghz processor which performs well indeed. Activity speeds on the telephone do appear to be somewhat lower than we encountered on the 4S however the thing that matters was negligible. It merits thinking about that the Panasonic model flaunts a bigger screen which is additionally requesting on the processor while the Android Gingerbread OS isn't as force proficient as the iOS stage utilized on the 4S.

The Panasonic Eluga is unquestionably an exceptionally great introduction cell phone because of an incredible screen and a ground-breaking processor. The model would absolutely beat numerous top notch telephones right now accessible however lamentably it doesn't figure out how to defeat the iPhone 4S. The Apple gadget drives the route for screen innovation and furthermore incorporates a processor that may not resemble the most dominant yet performs outstandingly well.

The iPhone 4S [] and the Samsung Galaxy Nexus [] are accessible at this point.


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