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The Marriage Between Big Pharma and Mobile Technology

As many have probably noticed, the pharmaceutical industry has experienced a major surge in recent months, and many believe it is thanks, in part, to mobile technology. This may seem like a strange marriage, but in actuality it makes perfect sense. As the world's population continues to become older, there is ever increasing demand for better drugs and treatments. As pharmaceutical companies continue to struggle with these ever growing challenges, many companies are looking to mobile devices as an effective solution to help overcome these obstacles.

It may be surprising to hear, but mobile technology is actually taking center stage when it comes to advancements in the pharmaceutical industry. Compared to other industries where mobile technology is being utilized, high tech mobile solutions are playing key roles in the overall growth of the pharmaceutical industry as a whole. Mobile technology also helps personnel and researchers more easily access protocols, as well as guidelines and other vital training materials. This helps to avoid larger, and potentially more costly violations in the future. While this marriage between big pharma and the mobile industry may seem a strange one, it is turning out to be an immensely profitable one as well.

So you might be wondering, how does the mobile phone industry help to advance the pharmaceutical industry's growth as it is being reported? One way is through new high tech mobile applications. These applications are helping pharmaceutical companies to streamline clinical research and trials, not to mention improve patient monitoring, as well as empowering sales teams all over the world. Also, the advancements in mobile technology have helped pharmaceutical companies send vital information directly to physicians via mobile devices, such as Blackberries and iPhones. It is also helping internal business run more smoothly within pharmaceutical organizations.

The mobile industry is also helping Big pharma grow in ways we previously had never imagined. Mobile phones help sales reps and marketing reps by helping them to access more information on their handheld devices. This makes their business visits far more effective, and also saves them time and energy. Mobile technology also helps the R&D process run more efficiently and is proving to be more cost effective. Because mobile solutions allow data to be collected at a much faster rate, this allows raw data to be collected exponentially faster during clinical trials. As a result, protocol violations are reduced, and it also speeds up the time it takes for life-saving drugs to be launched into the marketplace.

As mobile technology evolves, many experts in the pharmaceutical industry such as pharmaceutical consultancy firms, and pharmaceutical executives believe this marriage will only get stronger in the foreseeable future. As mobile companies continue to introduce more powerful tech savy software for handheld mobile devices, it will not only make many jobs in the pharmaceutical industry, such as sales reps and researchers, easier, but also allow for further unprecedented growth in the industry at large. As mobile technology continues to open up new doors for many in the pharmaceutical industry, many are extremely excited to see what this mobile future will bring.

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